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Everyone has had at least one special pet that has seemed to delight in making us laugh, been there to comfort us during trying times, and given us unconditional love.  A portrait honoring this friend and family member often can capture their personality better than any single photograph.

I offer unframed colored pencil and water color portraits of your special pet.  I always prefer to meet your pet to better understand and capture its personality.  However, meeting a pet is sometimes not feasible or not possible for pets that have finished walking the green mile.  In these situations I work from photographs and descriptions of your pet.  All photographs will be carefully handled and returned upon completion of the portrait. 

Costs for portraits are based on the number of subjects, complexity of the background, and the finished size. Your comissioned portraits are custom, one of a kind pieces so unfortunately I cannot quote you a standard cost.  Please contact me at my email address to discuss your special project.

JCW Jordan
Artist & Designer
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Creating Fine Artwork Since 1976


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The following is an example of one of my portraits.  More examples are available for viewing on my portraits pages.


Miss Cleo - Water Color and Color Pencil


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J CW Jordan
Artist and Designer
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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